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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  CBS  September 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> armstrong: hello, everyone, welcome to this edition of the. and alan dershowitz is our guest tor the next half hour. join us. ? ? alan dershowitz, his new book taking the stand my life and the law, his autobiography. harvard professor. mr. dershowitz. thank you for joining us for this edition of the the armstrong williams show. >> guest: you are one of my heroes, i have excellent talk,
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i'm on my show, i get such good reaction, sometimes agreement, and sometimes disagreement but always intelligent reaction. donald trump feels that we should ban all muslims, obviously a lot of people think that is not, but is he on to something? is there something we should do with people who come into this country that could threant and destro >> guest: there's no question about. no racial profiling, but we should profile individuals by their travel records, by their statements, by their facebook, things they put out in the public, and we should know more about people who we invite into this country. look, a lot of terrorism is homegrown. obviously, what happened in orlando, and what happened in many other parts of the country
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are inspired by what they read on the internet. under our fist amendment we have great difficulty on trying to restrict what people can say, read and what people can believe. i believe we can take action against people who act in ways that show that they should not be welcome into the united states. i think the other thing we can do is in public places, we can have more surveillance. so for example, many, many, years ago, i terrorist organization called the jewish defense league. yes, jews were terrorists in the 1970s, they were trying to prevent the soviet union from oppressing jews, and they were doing terrible things. and i was appointed bit court to be their lawyer in the case. in that case, the fbi was surveilling synagogues and was sending in people who were jewish working for the fbi to listen to radical sermons being
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markahana who enscourging violence. i that was also done when christian churches, small ones to be sure may have been encouraging violence against abortion doctors or others. so i think without regard whether it's muslim, christian, jewish or anything else, if there's probable cause to believe that an imam, a priest, a minister or rabbi, inciting people to the fbi has a legitimate bases foregoing to those public event and taking part. >> armstrong: do you feel that the fbi should have apprehended the terrorist who carried out those deadly attacks of orlando. >> guest: i wish. >> armstrong: what should they have done differently, attorney dershowitz? >> guest: here, i think the fbi thinks its job is mostly to
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prosecution. and i don't criticize the fbi for concluding based on what they knew that there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute this mass murderer because he committed the mass murders. i think the fbi should have a different role as well. they should be able to do investigations to determine whether or not a person should have access to weapons, particularly weapons of mass destruction like the ak weapon that was used in this case. i think should have concluded. there isn't enough to criminally prosecute, but there's certainly to put on a no weapon's list. and everybody who is on a no-fly list shob presumptively denied the ability to buy weapons. a car dealer was saying if you buy my car, i'll give you an ak47 as a gift. i mean that, is just not the way i think we want our society to
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that can kill 50 people in a matter of seconds. i think we can do more. i think the fbi can do more. i think we can have range, sensible gun control over automatic weapons. forget the pistol or the single shot rifle that is outed for hunting or self-defense. the automatic weapon we can do more to control that. >> armstrong: what do you think, the democrat and especially the nominee mrs.clinton can this issue, and making americans he feel saver at home. >> guest: i have an idea that i haven't yet presented and i'm doing it for the first time on your show. that is, i think, the president of the united states, whether it be barack obama or hillary clinton or whoever is the president, does have the executive authority without congress to ban military-type weapons from the general public.
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commander-in-chief. the president does get to say which kinds of weapons should be generally available to the public. let me give you an example. about 20 years ago i had to defend somebody who was facing prison because he was selling night vision goggles. the president of the united states and the secretary of defense had determined that night vision goggles are so important to our military defense that they should not be available to the general public. i think using that principal, the pr states without congress can say, that automatic weapons are the exclusive reserve of the military, and police and other official governmental organizations and shall not be made available to the general public, just the way night goggle visions were not made available to the general public 20 or 25 years ago. i think the president has that power, and i think the president can use it.
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in fact, i'm going to write a memo to hillary clinton in which i suggest that she make that part of her campaign for president. attorney alan dershowitz is our guest. i'm going to get raffi in on the conversation. i'm armstrong williams.
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? ? ? ? >> armstrong: welcome back. as we continue our discussion
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formidable. taking a stand, my life and the law is his autobiography is his new book. we continue the conversation about home and abroad. raffi. >> i'm interested, in the ban of the military style weapons, how do you get them out of the hands of americans, and how do you prevent a large black market from forming. >> guest: that the question, the immediate response of many of the gay community, is not only to call for a ban on weapons, but to buy more weapons themselves. a lot of americans say we want to have weapons to defend ourselves. we don't trust the government, but let them try to prevent other people from getting guns, guns for me, and not for thee. it's a very hard thing to do. i think in the united states, there's more weapons than there are people. to try to get more than 300 million weapons out of the hands of people will be very,
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the ban to ak47, and other automatic-type weapons which are large, part of the store, and very hard to conceal, obviously, i think we can make some progress, but it won't easy. there's no simple solution. we have gotten ourselves in into a mess. look england has very, very tight gun control and you saw that somebody managed to get a gun and kill a member of parliament israel has a very tight gun control, and a primary, and people use guns to kill people. it's impossible to have a perfect solution to this problem, but i think we can do better than we're doing. >> armstrong: you know, let's stay on the middle east and the violence you mentioned. let's talk about what happened
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the dots on how all of this is tied to the middle east. we're not going to able to stop an ideology where you hate christians, you hate gays and you hate america's value system. what do you suggest to the world? >> guest: well, first of all, i think we have to make sure that we understand that a lot of hatred for jews, for americans, for gays comes from the hard left in america on academic campuses, students, and you see a lot of it today on college campuses. they call it intersectionalty, and what they claim is the jews it's the americans that oppress the world, and all the oppressed groups have to stick together. take the most example, they criticize israel for its positive policies toward gays, saying that is an example of pink washing. the only reason policy has good
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up the bad policies toward the palestinians. that is the ultimate defense of anti-semitism. anything the jews do, has a bad motive. if they contribute to charity, they must do it for the bad reasons, and they're good to jews it must be because they want to be bad toward the palestinians. we're hearing it from jews, from christians, from people who are white, people who are black, and it's, and we have to confront that it's another form of bigotry, and it's widespread on college campuses today. and it's a tragedy and it helps to encourage people to say, looks we must be right side if we're killing americans or we're killing israelis or we're killing, whoever your target is that you're killing, people per wade themselves they're doing the right thing as a result of what they're told by professors, elders and other people. >> armstrong: what created this
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allowed it to spread to such an effect that it's having a negative impact? >> guest: it's amazing how it spread. you look at today the palestinian cause. it's an important cause no more important than the cause of the tibettans who are oppressed, but the palestinian cause became famous because of terrorism, blowing of synagogues and airplanes, and the world supported t the united nations went out of its way to emphasize only the against israel without looking at the genocides that were going on in cam bod yarks and other parts the world, and this, this pathological focus on israel, and on america has the doins of the world, it's something that has to be rehe versed. i'm hoping that whoever the next president is will go back to, you know, combating with that
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it is. what we're talking about is not just ak stract terrorism, we're talking about terrorism inspired by particular ideologies. in many cases it's radical islamics and in many cases it's neo nazi, like the one that resulted in england. others that happened with mcfey in the united states. we are seeing idea followings that stimulate terrorism. we have to confront the compromising our first amendment. you mentioned radical islam. when people think of terrorism, they think of radical islam. do we need to differentiate between the eeferl islam. you take of muhammad ali, and he embraced the madai which rejects sharia law. do we need to make a distinction, so people
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>> guest: of course, and that is true of any religion. in any religion, you find bad stuff. you go back to the jewish bible and old testament. there's pretty bad stuff in there, but modern rabbis say that we have to ignore that, we have to look at the benefits. we have to look at love thai neighbor, and do on to others as you would have people do on themselves. we have to look at the positives, where there's elements of at negative, and look the at violence and the killings and there's other muslims who say, no. islam is a religion of peas. -- peace. muhammad ali was one of his lawyers, i was privilegedded to be involved in one of the cases where he was wiretapped. he was wire stand along with martin luther king. people forget that. i was privileged to work with
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converted to islam, but you know, maybe trained strong friendships with jews, christians and others and would not buy into the most extreme elements that we hear from some, and i think, whoever says that it is right, the vast majority of muslims are peace loving decent people who live among us, and there should be no discrimination whatsoever. no ethnic or racial profiling, and none of this donald trump stuff of let's keep all muslims out. that is should be a recognition that there are some within radical islam that will not be satisfied until they kill all the infidels. hold that thought we will be back and more from our guest alan dershowitz. don't forget his new book. and raffi has more questions he is bushing to ask. we will be right back and hear
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? ? ? ? >> armstrong: welcome back with our very special guest, the distinguished jurist, mr. dershowitz. raffi. professor i'm interested in how we overcome the sense of helple see these attacks as people of my generation, especially feel that we're sitting ducks at times, and this has become the new normal, how do we push back? >> guest: it can't become the new normal. you're more likely struck by lightning that being involved in an act of terrorism. it's still very unlikely but you have to take precautions and when you live in cities. nobody thought that gay and
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and you know, this guy may have picked disney world instead if it had been a different day. i don't think we can live our lives in fear of terrorism and i think it would be a mistake to start arming everybody. i mean, you hear arguments that if gay and lesbian people who were in the bars, had guns maybe they could have killed him before he killed so many people. that's possible, but we see what happens in other places where people have guns in bars, people die, because people get angry with each oorks or feel disrespected. so you know, guns are literally a doubled edge weapon. they can protect you, and they can also hurt you. and so i think that is not the answer. i think the answer is greater individual lens, more preventive action, and the criminal law has to do more in preventing mass
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punishing and deterring them. deterrence doesn't work. these are suicide killers e these are individuals who don't threat to survive. so the death penalty is not going to deter them. we need to focus on preventive actions knowing that too, can be dangerous. we don't want to live in the preventive state, where our brother is looking over our shoulder and he is watching our how to strike the balance between prevention and not allowing the government to become big brother is a very, very difficult balance to strike with. we have to develop more intellectual balance to trying that balance. >> armstrong: briefly, how do we combat young people who are not in even in the camp and hearing the message firsthand from the terrorist threat, but they're able to communicate with --
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problem. and in the past days, they who stand in the mars and isolated. today any bigot can fet on the internet and be connected to bigots he all over the world and have common hatreds and can be organized and inspired. it's the cost of technology. every new technology created dangers. you know, when books replace scrolls, wow, you can insight violence through books. when television radio came now we have the internet. we have to make sure we control technology and he technology doesn't control us. you know, that is not easy to do, and the other thing we have to remember, is young people. we love young people, they're our future, but young people are particularly vulnerable to extremist incitements on both sides, and it's important that we make sure that we watch our children our grandchildren, and
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leveling the playingfield, and making sure that they're not insighted. the other important thing, we learn in from orlando. if you're married to somebody, or if you're a father or a mother or a child of somebody, and you see that they're eting ready to kill, you do have a moral obligation to report that even if in someway interferes with your sense of your obligation. hold on. >> guest: that's a hard thing to do but it has to >> armstrong: hold that point. attorney dershowitz will be back
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? ? ? the writer of ecclesiastes
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3 where he says that god has placed eternity in the hearts of men. eternity which means that there's something inside of us that makes us aware and cognizant of the realities that transcend time and space. we have a spiritual consciousness. it's not awaken in everyone. it may not be truly expressed as error out there, amen. but everyone, every human being has the capacity to know and experience god. ? ? ? >> armstrong: raffi and i would like to thank attorney dershowitz. go out and find the book, taking the stand and my life in the law. attorney dershowitz.
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>> guest: yes, it is, good day
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